Internet of Things (IOT)

In 2025 there will be over 1 trillion connected devices driving the need for trillions of daily micro-transactions. ZipChain was built to support this.

Supply Chain

The future of supply chain, logistics, and trade finance will all require micro-transactions at scale for data integrity and transparency.

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Metering of Everything

Trends such as wifi on demand will require large scale micro-transactions.

Social Gaming

Transactions under $0.05 is the next wave in social gaming. ZipChain supports this long tail revenue stream for the gaming industry.

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Content on Demand

Faster bandwidth plus micro-transactions will drive entirely new business models such as “stream one video on demand” and “pay per article” news.


Long tail advertising (sub 1K impressions per source) was previously intractable. With micro-transactions this new source of advertising can flourish.

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Autonomous Vehicles

Data integrity for autonomous vehicles (GPS, Sonar, LIDAR, speed, turning)

Artificial Intelligence

Micro-payments and data integrity on will be critical for faster mass adoption of AI.

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